News |Innovative RC 60B Lighting Solution Sets New Industry Standards at IBC 2023s

Innovative RC 60B Lighting Solution Sets New Industry Standards at IBC 2023

RC 60B: Affordable, Portable, and High-Performance Lighting Solution Impresses at IBC 2023

SmallRig RC60

The recent International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) held in Amsterdam witnessed the grand unveiling of the RC 60B, an all new lighting solution from camera accessories manufacturer SmallRig. Considering the features the light is offered at an enticing price of just $199.

The standout feature of the RC 60B is its Built-in Battery, this enables up to 45 minutes of continuous operation at maximum power without the need for an adapter. This innovation enables photographers and videographers to achieve wireless shooting without any constraints. Furthermore, users have the flexibility to connect a 65W and above PD power bank, ensuring uninterrupted operation throughout the day, making it a versatile lighting option.

The RC 60B output rating is impressive for the price and small size and it weighs in at just 750g, making it incredibly lightweight and compact, even smaller than the RED Komodo if you’re lucky enough to own one of those. This portability makes it effortlessly fit into backpacks and suitcases, perfect for on-the-go shooting.

Colour accuracy is paramount for professionals, and the RC 60B delivers, boasting a CRI of 96+ and a TLCI of 97+.

When it comes to brightness, the RC 60B packs in impressive illumination of 2,670 lux (bare light source, at 1m/5600K) and a staggering 11,200 lux (with hyper reflector, at 1m/5600K).

Once again SmallRig has looked at how kit is being used in the field and has developed this light with the with creators in mind, the RC 60B incorporates a silent cooling fan equipped with a smart temperature control system. This not only ensures efficient heat dissipation but also produces minimal noise. At just 26dB within 1 meter and 23dB in ECO mode, the RC 60B keeps your recording environment quiet and disturbance-free.

Priced at $199, it offers an attractive solution for professionals and enthusiasts alike, we’ll bring you the full review soon. For now you can check out a few more details about the SmallRig RC60 at their website.

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