News |Innovative camera strap Rota-Strap announced

Innovative camera strap Rota-Strap announced

An easier way to carry your camera


viiu has just announced a new kick starter campaign for their new Rota-Strap. This new camera strap has been designed to be sleek, sturdy and in line with the style and design of today’s cameras. 

The new strap might look relatively thin but is manufactured from ultra-tough and cut-resistant Dyneema fibre. The Rota-Strap is tougher than most. 

viiu has looked carefully at the use, ergonomics and design of the simple camera strap and has developed the Rota-Strap to offer something more than simply a means to hang your camera from your neck. 

Firstly, the strap design enables a simple cow hitch to attach the strap to your camera, with the aluminium wire hoops easily slipping into and through the camera strap eyelets. 

The make-up of the strap features an innovative ball and socket rope connector mechanism that enables the strap to flex and rotate around 360º with ease, preventing twisting.

This Rota-lock design also enables you to disconnect the strap from the connectors, making it quick and easy to remove the strap when you need it while still maintaining security when connected. 

Alongside the Rota-Strap strap, viiu will also be releasing a series of accessories that will further extend the usability of the strap. You can quickly transform your strap into a wrist strap using the Rota-Lock. This single strap can help to provide additional convenience and comfort without sacrificing functionality.

The Rota-Lock accessories can also be used. Attach the Roat-Strap to a backpack to help take some weight away from your neck and distribute it to your bag and shoulders. 

Rota-Strap and the Rota-Lock accessories are available to pre-order on Kickstarter.


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