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H&Y REVORING SWIFT System launched

Ultimate flexibility with this magnetic filter system


Today filter manufacturer H&Y are launching the latest evolution of their REVORING filter system. The updated design has been developed to make the system as flexible as possible to you can tailor it to your exact requirements. Using the new system you can build the ultimate solution of video or stills all dependent on how you use the camera and what you are photographing or filming.

The design of the REVORING Itself hasn’t altered a great deal, simply rotate, pop it onto the front of your lens and the internal clamping system will grip onto the screw thread of your lens. This makes it incredibly quick and easy to attach with no need to screw or unscrew filters or adapters out in the field.

Once the adapter is in place you can then start to build the system with a choice of drop in filters or rectangular depending on the work you’re doing.

REVORING Swift for photographers

The first option is for photographers and the new REVORING Swift system enables you to quickly attach the lens adapter then using the quick connect magnetic design the filter holder sticks to the front. Once in place traditional style square and rectangular filters can be popped in place.

H&Y already produce an extensive range of high quality traditional filters which are available in the special magnetic frames that quickly attach to the front of the filter holder. Once in place these can be used in the normal way.


What makes the system stand out is that the magnetic frames are available separately, so if you want to use the holder system with the filters you already own then you can. I’ve tested this with some Lee filters and they pop directly into the frames and onto the REVORING holder.

Alongside the square and rectangular filters it’s also possible to mount circular filters using the circular filter adapter. Again, using H&Y’s REVORING system and your exsisting filters you can simply screw them into the adapter and then pop them onto the front of the magnetic REVORING adapter. This cuts out any need to fiddle around with filters on cold frosty mornings.

The new REVORING SWIFT system for photographers is well developed and wether you use the H&Y glass or your existing glass it’s a streamlined and highly effective system.

REVORING Swift for videographers

The real innovation for the Swift system is in it’s use for videographers. The new VDN with CPL adapter makes things simple with the adapter quickly attaching to the front of the lens ready to control the light.

The new drop in filter adapter enables videographers to pick and choose the filters needed, be that a CPL, VND or effects filters H&Y already produce a good range ready to slot in and use.


Again using the magnetic system everything neatly comes together and is easy to use.

Check out the launch video below and you can also read our full review of part of the system here.


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