Reviews |How to use the Rotolight AEOS LED light

How to use the Rotolight AEOS LED light


Rotolight have made a name in the lighting sector with their unique style of LED ring light. Their latest release is the Rotolight AEOS, a lamp that pushes the boundaries of design, functionality and power far beyond any other LED lamp that we’ve seen.

I travelled up to Pinewood studio’s to catch-up with Rod Aaron Gammons the managing director of Rotolight to find out more about the light and it’s features. Here he gives us an tour of the Rotolight AEOS and how to use it.

Rod Aaron is a seasoned pro and passionate about the Rotolight product line. During my time with Rotolight I was able to test a few of the more standard features of the AEOS light, foremost temperature and brightness.

The ease of use was instantly apparent and the versatility of dual dial control along with built in effects really highlighted the potential of the system.

During the day alongside the standard two light setup a little fill in light from a Neo was used to reduce some of the shadows. The colour temperature matching between lamps and AEOS and Neo really couldn’t have been more easy, just dial it in and go.

When it came to power on the day I used two battery packs which just added to the ease of use and provided around 3 hours of power at 50%. These batteries aren’t included with the kit and are an additional cost to the base light at about £230 + VAT each.

Products can often wow you when demo’d by the manufacturers but are rarely as easy to use when you get to try them yourself.

I now have a AEOS perched on it’s stand in my office, and there’s no doubt that like the Neo it’s incredibly well  thought out and easy to use. Over the next few weeks I’ll be testing out both the constant and flash capabilities and will bring you the full results as I go.

For now here’s a quick rundown of the key features of the Rotolight AEOS.

  • Bi-Colour (6300-3150k) with Accurate Kelvin Display High Speed Sync (HSS) Flash Mode (at 200% of max. continuous light output), No Recycle Time
  • Ultra-Thin, Industry leading Lightweight Design (< 1.5kg/ 3lb)
  • Integrated Aluminium Handles & Pro Ball Head for 360 rotation included
  • Powerful, soft light output (5750 lux at 3ft), signature catch light
  • Unrivalled battery performance (3 Hours w 95w/h battery)
  • Accucolour Technology For Best In Class Colour Rendering CRI>96, Tlci 91
  • Cinesfx Mode Delivers Custom Lighting Fx (Fire, Lightning, Tv etc)
  • True Aperture Dimming™ Calculates Your Aperture At A Given Distance
  • Totally Flicker Free Output, at any frame rate
  • Designer Fade for Custom Fade Up/ Fade Down for interviews/ video
  • Includes 4 piece filter kit (Full and half diffusion, cosmetic peach skin diffusion, and magenta), V lock battery plate(battery not included), DMX, Ball Head