News |Hollyland launches ultra compact Lark M1 Lavalier wireless mic

Hollyland launches ultra compact Lark M1 Lavalier wireless mic

Hollyland Lark M1

Hollyland is well known for creating solid professional video and audio devices, and has now added this wireless lavalier microphone system to its range. The Lark M1 is a compact microphone that ships with a neat charging case to offer a convenient audio solution in any location. 

The new wireless lavalier Mic integrates Hollyland’s latest HearClear noise cancellation technology and enables hi-fi sound quality over a distance of 200m (Line-of-sight) all at an affordable cost. 

The new microphone system has been designed for all types of video production, but, will be of special interest to those shooting outdoors, live, vlogging, interviews, podcasting or filming remote conferences. 

There are two different packages available for the microphones, the first, SOLO, is designed for presenter-led or vlogging use with a single transmitter, and the DUO is for interview situations where you’ll need two transmitters and one receiver.  

The Lark M1 is simple to use and affordable, and Hollyland aims this new wireless lavalier mic at the entry-level user.

Pro-level sound and recording distance

Featuring an omnidirectional microphone, the Lark M1 can convey detailed speech up to 48kHz/16bit. Using Hollylands noise-cancelling technology, HearClear, the mic can filter out ambient sounds to help enhance voices and separate them from any background noise. Another appealing feature is the interference-free frequency hopping technology with a stable range of up to 200m.

Keep recording audio for the duration of the shoot.

A nice feature of the Hollyland Lark M1 is the inclusion of a charging case. This enables you to recharge the transmitters and receivers in 1.5 hours fully. Once fully charged, the transmitter and receivers can operate on their internal battery for up to eight hours.

Keeping things lightweight and discreet

The whole point of a lavalier mic is compact and discreet, and here Hollyland has managed this with the small charging case that weighs in at 80g, the receiver at 17.5g, and the transmitter at 11.8g. This means that the transmitter is extremely easy to tuck away neatly and is smaller than a typical USB flash drive.

Availability and pricing

Hollyland’s Lark M1 is available at

Recommended retail price: £139

Hollyland launch ultra compact Lark M1 Lavalier wireless mic
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Hollyland launch ultra compact Lark M1 Lavalier wireless mic
Compact, lightweight and inexpensive the Holland Lark M1 wireless lavalier mic has been aimed at those just getting into video production.
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