News |Hollyland Introduces Mars M1: All-in-One Wireless Monitoring Solution for Filmmakerss

Hollyland Introduces Mars M1: All-in-One Wireless Monitoring Solution for Filmmakers

Revolutionizing Video Production: Hollyland's Mars M1 Merges Transmitter, Receiver, and Monitor into a Seamless, High-Efficiency Tool

Hollyland Mars M1

Hollyland has unveiled the Mars M1, a groundbreaking wireless monitor that integrates transmitter, receiver, and monitor functionalities into a single device, revolutionizing the video shooting workflow for filmmakers and video professionals. The Mars M1 is poised to enhance the efficiency and ease of video production with its combination of advanced features and streamlined design.

The device is equipped with a 5.5″ touch LCD screen, offering professional color calibration with 1,000 nits of brightness and support for the Rec. 709 color gamut. This combination delivers an exceptional monitoring experience with vibrant, accurate colors and clear visibility even in bright conditions. The Mars M1 stands out for its capability to transmit camera signals up to a line-of-sight range of 450ft (150m) while maintaining an ultra-low latency of only 0.08 seconds, thereby simplifying the setup and boosting productivity during shoots.

As an all-in-one solution, the Mars M1 functions seamlessly as both a transmitter and a receiver. Users can easily switch between modes on the monitoring screen, enhancing flexibility during production. The device supports one transmitter working with up to two receivers or four mobile apps, and it’s compatible with other Mars series devices like the Mars Pro and 4K series, reducing the number of devices required for a shoot.

In terms of connectivity, the Mars M1 offers robust options including 4K/30fps HDMI input and loopout, along with SDI input, providing expanded flexibility and compatibility for various professional video production needs. The device is also loaded with a variety of auxiliary functions such as 4x zoom, focus assist, exposure assist, and waveform display, which collectively contribute to increased shooting efficiency.

The Mars M1’s design is both sleek and durable. The body shell is highly impact-resistant, featuring a frosted texture and a lightweight build of only 13.5oz (380g). The custom-designed capsule antennas offer the convenience of a disassembly-free design, sparing users the time spent on repeated assembly and disassembly.

For power, the Mars M1 supports a wide range of options, including NP-F batteries, DC power options from 7V to 16V, and batteries with a D-Tap interface. This versatility ensures that the device can be used in a variety of shooting scenarios.

A recent firmware upgrade has reengineered the Mars M1 with a new video recording/playback function, alongside various optimizations to existing functions. The device is designed to work smoothly with Windows, macOS, and Linux systems, making it a versatile tool for a wide range of users in the filmmaking community.

Now available for purchase, the Hollyland Mars M1 offers a powerful, versatile, and efficient tool for wireless monitoring, set to redefine the standards of video production. For more information check out the Hollyland website

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