News |Hasselblad updates Phocus software with speed boost

Hasselblad updates Phocus software with speed boost

UK photographers: get hands-on with the Hasselblad X1D!

Hasselblad has announced Phocus 3.3, the latest update to its photo editing software.

The Phocus 3.3 update adds extended GPU acceleration based on Metal/OpenCL for both Mac/PC, which Hasselblad says gives the software a major boost in speed.

Image export time is vastly reduced, Hasselblad says, offering a 2-4x improvement in speed and more responsiveness with viewing images at 100% or above.

Photographers using WiFi-enabled broncolor flash equipment now also have the ability to control their flash settings via Phocus 3.3 with the touch of the left or right cursor key.

This allows the to adjust the intensity of lamps (or a group of lamps), trigger flash for test purposes or control the modelling lights.

To get the Phocus 3.3 update, visit Hasselblad’s website.

UPDATE: Hasselblad drops H6D-50c price tag by 25%


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