News |HARMAN’s Phoenix 200 announces new ISO 200 Colour films

HARMAN’s Phoenix 200 announces new ISO 200 Colour film

HARMAN Introduces Phoenix 200 – Embracing Colour in Analogue Photography with its First In-House Produced Color Film

HARMAN Phoenix 200

HARMAN Technology Ltd has announced the launch of the HARMAN Phoenix 200, a groundbreaking ISO 200, 35mm colour film. This new colour-negative film marks the company’s first foray into colour film production, made entirely from emulsion-to-cassette at its Mobberley factory, representing a significant achievement in the world of analogue photography.

The development of HARMAN Phoenix 200 began as a secret project in late 2022, with a small team at HARMAN’s UK site undertaking a ‘skunk works’ experiment. The project aimed to explore the feasibility of designing, coating, and manufacturing a colour film entirely in-house. “It was initially an experiment to explore what was possible, but what we achieved in such a short space of time is quite remarkable,” says Greg Summers, Managing Director at HARMAN.

HARMAN Phoenix 200 is characterized by its high contrast, strong visible grain, and punchy, vibrant colours, offering an unmistakably analogue look. Available in a 36-exposure DX-coded cassette, the film is versatile, with a rating range between ISO 100 and 400. However, it performs optimally at ISO 200 in good, consistent light. This unique film provides photographers with a choice in colour film, catering to the growing demand for variety in the analogue film market.

This new film signifies HARMAN’s significant ongoing investment in and commitment to the future of analogue photography. “Sales from this film will allow us to invest further, refine, and improve our formulations, coating capabilities, and colour technology,” says Giles Branthwaite, Sales & Marketing Director at HARMAN. He adds that each new colour film produced by HARMAN aims to be an improvement on the previous, signalling the company’s dedication to evolving and enhancing its colour film offerings.

HARMAN Phoenix 200 is available starting today, December 1st. For those interested in exploring this unique colour film, a list of retailers and more information about the product can be found at HARMAN encourages the film community to follow their journey on Instagram, Facebook, and other social platforms as they continue to innovate in the realm of analogue photography.

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