GoXtreme Black Hawk 4k: Build Quality and handling

GoXtreme BlackHawk 4K

GoPro, TomTom and Nikon might have shed the waterproof housing, but waterproof housings are still very much a part of the action camera scene.

The BlackHawk 4K features a high quality case that’s designed to protect and last. On the exterior are four buttons, two on the side that are used to easily navigate through settings, the button on the front to power on and switch through modes and the shutter button on the top.

These buttons are all spring loaded and are of a decent size that makes them easy enough to operate even when underwater or wearing gloves. They also meet well with the camera buttons so there’s no battle to operate when underwater.

On the front is the flat lens, no bolts, decoration or fancy styling, just a clear flat front element that can be easily cleaned of, water and other debris.

The lens on the case isn’t replaceable but then the cost of a new case will only set you back a small amount, remember you’re not paying the GoPro premium for the brand.

On the base of the case is the GoPro style two-prong mount and this is fully compatible with all GoPro accessories that I tried. The width of the prongs was also sufficient to be used on many metal mountings that can often be a bit of a struggle with non-GoPro branded cases, by being either a fraction to big or small.

The case is held close by a strong lever lock and in test there wasn’t a single occasion when this lock didn’t lock 100%. The rubber seal all seamed good and four rubber feet on the back door of the case stop any camera movement within.

Released from the case the camera has the popular matt rubberized plastic finish which does give the camera a sense of quality, this is further reinforced by the small gold plaque next to the logo highlighting 4K 30fps UltraHD, it’s just a visual thing but why not.

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Again there are the four buttons that’s meet the housing buttons, on the front is the lens and side is the slot for the MicroSD card, USB and HDMI cable ports. These ports are open and there’s no rubber cover to keep them protected without the waterproof housing.

Flip the camera over to look at the base and there’s a door to the battery chamber a 1/4-inch standard tripod thread. This enables the camera to be attached directly to any normal tripod such as the micro Manfrotto Pixi Off Road.

Navigating is all done using the small buttons on the side, along with the shutter and power buttons to switch between modes and confirm selections which all makes sense. Unlike some cameras the menus are well ordered and finding the settings you want and making adjustments is all straightforward.

The design of the interface is good, not quite as slick as the latest GoPro but still good especially with the screen.

The screen is a major advantage of the Black Hawk 4K over the GoPro Hero4 Black as it means that you can compose and review footage without the need of the app.

As with all action cameras these days there is an app called the ‘GoAction App’, this offers the usual full control along with live view preview over the camera and is all clearly laid out and functional.

The user interface does look a little dated but all works well enough.



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