News |GoPro releases GoPro Sleeve + Lanyards

GoPro releases GoPro Sleeve + Lanyard

GoPro sleeve + Lanyard

Usually, we don’t go big on such a small accessory, but this time we have – and for a very good reason. GoPro has announced a silicon GoPro Sleeve + Lanyard designed to fit its GoPro Hero range of cameras.

Why has the GoPro Sleeve + Lanyard piqued our interest?

Well, there are a few reasons:

First and foremost, if you check out our GoPro Hero 7 rumour specs piece you’ll see we’ve mentioned the possibility of coloured versions that would make it easy to find if dropped in grass or scrub. This addition of colour is something we’ve been keen to see since the advent of the new design.

As you read on you’ll find out that although there is a colour, singular, it’s nothing like we anticipated.

Then there’s the dropping of the Session from the GoPro product line-up, yes check it out and you’ll see it’s vanished.

Finally, this new product prevents the GoPro from being mounted in the traditional way. Essentially it only enables you to hang it around your neck and use it as a point and shoot video and stills camera – it therefore looks like GoPro is trying to appeal to a new audience of users who wear their GoPros as a matter of course.

These last two items we’ll look at in-depth in the coming weeks, for now, let’s get back to the new product.

The new silicon sleeves are available in three colours; black, white and blue. Okay, one colour and two shades/tones, whatever.

Unfortunately, there are no bright fluoro tones such as shocking pink or green, but at least these colours are a start.

The new sleeve and lanyard are straightforward, essentially a piece of tightly fitting silicon that covers your GoPro. The sleeve also features a loop so that you can attach the lanyard and wear the GoPro around your neck.

Once the sleeve is in place you might not be able to mount the camera, but at least you can still use the touchscreen and wear the GoPro around your neck, so that’s all good.

The new accessory might not be quite what we had in mind, but the splash of colour is indeed welcome, at least in the blue.

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