GoPro patents new camera lens with touch sensor

GoPro patents new camera lens with touch sensor

GoPro has filed a patent for a new action camera lens with an integrated touch sensor, according to newly published documents.

Let’s Go Digital discovered the patent, which was filed with the World Intellectual Property Organization on 4 October 2016 and published only yesterday on the WIPO’s database.

According to the patent, the new lens’s touch sensor will enable users to control the camera using your finger on the lens window rather than the camera’s rear display.

In other words: rather than operating your GoPro camera in the traditional method, you would operate it from the front when using the new touch-sensitive lens.

The patent’s drawings show the lens mounted on a Hero Black style body, as well as the new Fusion 360 camera body.

According to Let’s Go Digital, the new GoPro lens’s touch sensor will detect the position of your touch and output a signal according to your movements.

What’s more, the patent says that this lens technology can be used on cameras that don’t have a display, such as dual lens 360 cameras.

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