GoPro Hero Review Verdict

It’s clear to see where the company is going with the GoPro Hero. It’s a basic entry-level camera with simple to use features. It also has the GoPro tried and tested solid construction.

Image quality is typically GoPro, bright, vibrant and full of life. Unlike previous GoPro models, there is a lack of adjustability over the image quality, no options for sharpness, contrast, colour or ProTune features.

The lack of any 4K shooting capability and no compatibility with the Karma Grip is also disappointing. While I can accept the omission of 4K video, the incompatibility with the Karma Grip is a little harder to swallow – I’m really hoping that will change. However, if I’m asked for a recommendation for a good solid action camera, I’m very likely to put the GoPro Hero forward as an excellent choice.

I’ve found the majority of action camera users want to shoot video and then show it to their friends. The GoPro does precisely this. It is extremely easy to use and understand. In fact, I think it’s probably the easiest action camera to use that has ever been produced.

When you look at the ecosystem of GoPro app and QuikStories it all starts to make perfect sense because of their usability. Add the touchscreen and voice control into the mix and what you have is a very decent action camera.

Should I Buy the GoPro Hero 2018?

If you need a reliable, solid camera for capturing action and adventures, then the GoPro Hero is an excellent choice. It’s waterproof down to 10m without the need for a housing. It has a responsive touch-screen, is easy to use and records great quality footage. The only downsides are the lack of 4K capability and its (as yet) incompatibility with the Karma Grip.

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