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GoPro Hero 5 leaked on Reddit


The much-anticipated GoPro Hero 5 camera could be a reality fairly soon, if leaked footage on Reddit is to be believed.

A video posted by a Reddit user purports to be the first look at the new GoPro camera. In the nine-second clip we see only the back of the camera and a step-by-step tutorial on how to connect it to a smartphone.

Though only nine seconds, we are able to spot a few changes to the GoPro design. For starters, the back of the camera looks to be entirely a touchscreen. And the record button is slightly raised on top of the camera.

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What’s more, the menu system appears to be a little different, and there seems to be a new row of quick settings along the bottom of the frame where you can change things like the shooting mode, resolution and frame rate.

We’re also wondering what GoPro Sniper is!

Time will tell. It is expected that the GoPro Hero5 will be released in time for Christmas 2016.


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