News |GoPro boost usability with Quik desktop App and Premium+ subscriptions

GoPro boost usability with Quik desktop App and Premium+ subscription

Quik for macOS launched, offering advanced editing and storage options.

GoPro quik

Today, GoPro has unveiled the macOS desktop version of its widely used mobile app, GoPro Quik. This development boosts the production of GoPro video content for enthusiasts, especially those seeking a more comprehensive editing experience.

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The GoPro Quik desktop app is designed to integrate seamlessly with its mobile counterpart, forming a unified editing suite that transcends device boundaries. This synergy ensures that users can enjoy a streamlined workflow, moving effortlessly between mobile and desktop platforms. The desktop version is available at no extra cost to GoPro subscribers, underscoring GoPro’s commitment to enhancing user experience without additional financial burden.

In addition to the GoPro Quik desktop app, GoPro is introducing an upgraded subscription model. The new Premium+ tier, priced at £99.99 annually, builds upon the features of the original £49.99 subscription, now renamed “Premium.” This tier expansion reflects GoPro’s recognition of diverse user needs and the evolving demands of content creation.

Subscribers to the Premium+ tier will enjoy a suite of features designed to enrich their GoPro experience. Key offerings include automatic camera-to-cloud upload of the latest GoPro footage, ensuring that precious moments are backed up instantly. Moreover, users gain unlimited cloud storage for their GoPro footage, preserving it in its original quality.

The service also automatically generates highlight videos, delivering them directly to users’ phones for instant sharing and enjoyment. Furthermore, the Premium+ tier includes intuitive cloud editing and media management tools, enhancing the overall content creation process.

A standout feature of the Premium+ tier is the “HyperSmooth Pro” video stabilization tool. Tailored for advanced users, this tool promises to elevate video quality, offering professional-grade stabilization for even the most dynamic footage. Additionally, the tier adds an extra 500GB of cloud storage, catering not just to GoPro footage but also to content captured with other cameras, providing a versatile solution for all content creators.

In summary, the launch of GoPro Quik for macOS and the introduction of the Premium+ subscription tier signal GoPro’s ongoing dedication to delivering a superior user experience. These developments are poised to empower photographers and videographers, both amateur and professional, with tools that were once the domain of high-end editing suites. For more information, visit GoPro’s website.

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