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Godox WEC Ultra-Compact 2.4GHz Wireless Microphone System

WEC Unveils Revolutionary Wireless Microphone System: Perfect Blend of Portability and High-Quality Audio for Creators

Godox WEC Ultra-Compact 2.4GHz

Godox WEC has introduced a new dimension in audio recording with its latest 2.4GHz Wireless Microphone System, designed to cater to the diverse needs of live streaming, interviews, vlogging, and outdoor shooting. This innovative system combines an ultra-compact design with exceptional compatibility, long-lasting battery life, and superior audio performance, making it an ideal choice for creators looking for quality at an affordable price.

The WEC system’s standout feature is its incredibly lightweight design. With the transmitter weighing just 12g and the receiver at 16g, it offers unmatched portability, ensuring that creators can capture their inspiration wherever they go, without any compromise in performance. This feather-like weight makes the WEC system unobtrusive and perfect for on-the-move recording.

Sound quality is paramount in any microphone system, and the WEC doesn’t disappoint. It delivers exceptional audio capture with lossless sound reproduction, offering both Mono and Stereo modes. This ensures that every nuance of sound is captured with precision, providing an immersive audio experience for the audience. Additionally, the system features intelligent noise cancellation powered by Dynamic Noise Reduction technology, effectively reducing background noise to deliver crystal-clear audio.

The WEC system boasts an impressive 8-hour battery life on a single charge. When used with the charging case, it extends to an incredible 24 hours, allowing for uninterrupted recording throughout the day. The system’s built-in digital battery display makes it easy to monitor the remaining power, ensuring creators are always ready to capture the moment.

In terms of range, the WEC system offers a remarkable maximum transmission distance of 200m, guaranteeing a stable connection without sacrificing audio quality, even at extended distances. This feature frees creators from the constraints of wired systems, opening up a world of possibilities in wireless audio recording.

The WEC system is also designed with adjustable gain control, featuring a ±6dB gain adjustment. This flexibility makes it suitable for a variety of environments, ensuring balanced and optimal sound in every setting.

Moreover, the WEC system prides itself on its versatile compatibility with various devices. It comes with a rugged carry box for secure storage and protection, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Technical Specifications:

  • Models: WEC TX (Transmitter), WEC RX (Receiver), WEC-C1 (Charging Case)
  • Transmission Type: 2.4GHz Frequency Hopping System
  • Pickup Pattern: Omnidirectional (Transmitter)
  • Frequency Range: 20Hz-20KHz (Transmitter)
  • Max. SPL: 110dB (Transmitter)
  • Dynamic Range: 86dB (Transmitter)
  • Max. Wireless Distance: 200m
  • Battery Parameters: Transmitter: 3.7V, 140mAh; Receiver: 3.8V, 200mAh; Charging Case: 3.7V, 1400mAh
  • Working Time: Approx. 8h for both Transmitter and Receiver
  • Charging Time: Approx. 2h for all devices
  • Operating Temperature: -10~50℃
  • Dimensions: Transmitter: 48x22x16mm; Receiver: 48x28x15mm; Charging Case: 63x85x30mm
  • Net Weight: Transmitter: 12g; Receiver: 16g; Charging Case: 84g

The WEC Wireless Microphone System’s introduction marks a significant advancement in the field of portable audio technology. It promises to be a game-changer for content creators who value quality, portability, and versatility in their audio recording equipment.

For more details on the Godox WEC Ultra-Compact 2.4GHz Wireless Microphone System check out the Godox website

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