News |Godox Unveils V1Pro TTL Li-ion Round Head Camera Flashs

Godox Unveils V1Pro TTL Li-ion Round Head Camera Flash

V1Pro Offers Revolutionary Features for Professional Photography

Godox V1Pro

Godox has introduced the V1Pro TTL Li-ion Round Head Camera Flash. This innovative flash provides up to 100 continuous shots at full power, defying the constraints of thermal protection and enabling boundless creativity.

The V1Pro features an innovative external flash component, the SU-1, which acts as both a bounce flash and fill light, enhancing versatility in dynamic shooting scenarios. It offers modern charging convenience with Type-C or VC26 charger options, ensuring efficiency and environmental consideration.

Designed for both speed and endurance, the V1Pro includes an extra power port for connecting to Godox flash power packs like PB960. This ensures reliable performance during fast-paced on-location shoots. The round head lens design ensures even, soft, and stable light effects, while the adjustable LED modelling lights facilitate precision in every capture.

Additionally, the V1Pro supports 2.4G wireless transmission and reception, integrating seamlessly with other Godox flashes. It undergoes a comprehensive upgrade in its flash head structure for lasting reliability and consistent light quality.

The V1Pro is compatible with all Godox round flash head accessories, opening doors to creative possibilities.

For more details, visit the Godox V1Pro product page.

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