The GNARBOX is something entirely different, and over the month that I have had this on test, it has gone from something that I was unsure about to a device that’s rarely left at home.

Initial impression was excellent and although the app interface was slick and could see what the device had to offer I was unsure of why I would need it.


Then the time came when it was with me on a commercial shoot and the client wanted to see the images there and then – I didn’t have my laptop within reach but did have the iPad.

A quick connect, and I was able to show off the images, not only that, but I was also able to enhance a few to give the client a good impression of how the shoot had gone. I was also able to send a few high res images off to the designers before I’d left the job while having an end of shoot catch-up and coffee.

From that point on, even if I’m out with just the camera and mobile phone, the GNARBOX comes with me. I can take pictures, store and edit and get a feeling for the images and video I’ve shot that day.

As I’m out several times a week with action cameras the ability to view and edit large movie files at the end of a ride, again with a coffee, adds to the hands-on in the moment experience.

The GNARBOX becomes a must-have part of the weekend ride experience where you can sit and catch-up on the events and quickly show and share some of the more exciting experiences of the day, not just those were everyone is bogged down on mud.

There are a few features that I would like to see; batch edit through the app, so I can adjust one image and then save that preset and then apply it to others. For example and when it comes to video, I’d like to be able to edit together multiple clips as well as enhance and trim.

Although these features would be useful they’re covered by the likes of Lightroom and iMovie.

There is one other feature that slightly bugged me during the test, and this was the WiFi connection. Once connected to the GNARBOX you lose any WiFi connection fine if you’re on mobile with a 4G connection, but otherwise, you’re left without the internet so the final file you want to upload needs to be saved to the mobile device and then the connection switched.

A BlueTooth connection as an option during the sharing stage as with GoPro would be an ideal solution.

If you’re out and about and want a lightweight powerful editing system then there are few if any other solutions that come anywhere close to the GNARBOX.

The GNARBOX is one of the best products I’ve ever seen; it works well as additional storage, enables you to edit images and video and integrates into perfectly with existing video and imaging apps.

The GNARBOX is an incredible tool for the photographer and I would highly recommend you check it out. On versions, the one I would definitely opt for is the 256GB unit over the 128GB, but depending on the budget either will definitely help you enhance your photographic experience.


Overall Score:

5 out of 5 stars

4.5 out of 5 stars

Build and Handling:
4 out of 5 stars

4.5 out of 5 stars

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