The GNARBOX design is instantly impressive and feels like it could easily withstand life being thrown around inside a kit bag. The tough top outer shell reinforces the go anywhere design, and although not entirely waterproof the build quality gives confidence that this is a device made to last and withstand the riggers of life as part of a pro photographers kit bag.

It’s certainly an impressive piece of kit. It’s a tactile feel and robustness give it that sense of quality, but as ever with products that have emerged through a kickstart campaign, the design doesn’t quite have that finesse or anaesthetic appeal that you might expect from high-end product design that we would see from larger manufacturers such as Manfrotto.

That aesthetic, however, is personal preference and doesn’t detract from the use or features of the device.

When it comes to setting up the process is incredibly easy. Download the app, connect to the device and you’re ready to go. On starting the app it gives you a clear set of instructions, and more advanced features can be found illustarted on the GNARBOX website.

The set up quite literally takes a couple of minutes. Once done you can pop in your SD, MicroSD or other USB storage device and the contents of that storage media will appear in the app.


As well as the GNARBOX app the device enables you to take full advantage of other powerful apps such as iMovie and Lightroom mobile.

Getting these applications to work with the GNARBOX requires you to activate the GNARBOX as a drive through the files option in iOS, and again the instructions on how to do this are well documented on the website.

Connecting GNARBOX storage to Lightroom for iOS

  1. Make sure the GNARBOX is connected to the mobile device
  2. Open the ‘Files’ app
  3. Click ‘Edit’ if you can’t see GNARBOX
  4. Under ‘Locations’ you should now see GNARBOX
  5. Click the activate slider to add GNARBOX
  6. GNARBOX storage and connected media will now be available to iOS apps such as Lightroom and iMovie

The GNARBOX app will pick up everything that is on the storage media including hidden files along with the images and videos. A handy icon filter system is available that enables you to filter and show only the file type you want to see, such as images or video or both.

When filtered you can then click the image or video file that you want to view.

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