Gitzo unveils £1249 100 Year Anniversary Edition tripod

Gitzo unveils £1249 100 Year Anniversary Edition tripod

Gitzo is celebrating its centenary with the launch of the new 100 Year Anniversary Edition Tripod, priced £1,249.95, with a limited edition of just 1917 models.

Each model features ‘1/1917 to 1917/1917’ laser engraved on one of the tripod legs to indicate its authenticity, Gitzo says.

Gitzo’s 100 Year Anniversary Edition Tripod is made of magnesium alloy with a black finish and titanium color details.

Chief among the 100 Year Anniversary Editions’ specs is a new Center Ball Head, as well as Gitzo’s latest Traveler Series 1 technological features.

These include the Traveler’s Carbon eXact tubing and a 180° leg folding mechanism, as well as Gitzo’s Traveler G-lock mechanism for folding up compactly.

The Gitzo 100 Year Anniversary Edition Tripod also comes with an Italian leather strap and a black branded chest with leather detailing to house the tripod and its accessories. The chest also contains the tripod’s certificate of authenticity signed by Gitzo’s CEO, and includes the name of the craftsman who created each specific piece.

You can find more details on Manfrotto’s website.

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