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Get a new perspective with the GoPro El Grande

GoPro El Grande

The GoPro El Grande is longer than usual selfie stick measuring a whopping 38-inches (97cm) in length. It might seem excessive but that extra reach will enable you to get a completely new perspective on the world with relative ease.

Although the functionality is along the usual selfie stick route, the design is far more engineered all to fit in with the GoPro brand and the poles intended use. It’s not just a standard selfie stick but a product that has been designed to compliment the rest of the GoPro echo system.

The GoPro El Grande features a decent size grip that will enable good purchase whatever the activity your doing. The pole has also been designed so that it will quickly pack down to a very neat 15-inches (38cm).

GoPro El Grande

The pole is constructed from lightweight aluminium which will give the pole excellent rigidity and strength. This means that as well as mounting the GoPro direct the pole is also strong enough to handle the size and weight of the GoPro Karma Grip.

At the grip end of the GoPro El Grande is a larger than usual handle which should enable excellent purchase even with the additional weight of the Karma Grip attached, and as with the GoPro 3-way it has been designed to easily secure into the GoPro Seeker backpack to create yet another view point.

At the business end of the GoPro El Grande there’s a ball and socket design that enables you to easily tilt and adjust the camera or Karma grip to the desired position.

The GoPro El Grande is on sale now priced at £59.99 for more information check out

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