News |FUJIFILM Introduces INSTAX WIDE 400 and Upgraded INSTAX mini LiPlays

FUJIFILM Introduces INSTAX WIDE 400 and Upgraded INSTAX mini LiPlay

instax wide 400 features landscape and macro modes


Fujifilm has launched the new INSTAX WIDE 400 instant camera, featuring a self-timer, automatic exposure, and flash control paired with WIDE-format film, offering a broad range of shooting opportunities. The lens rotation activates Landscape mode for distant shots or a close-up lens for macro photography up to 40cm away. A camera angle adjustment accessory enhances self-timer shooting, eliminating the need for a tripod. The INSTAX WIDE 400 will be available for £129.99.

Alongside this launch, Fujifilm has also updated the INSTAX mini LiPlay. The 2-in-1 hybrid instant camera is now available in three new colours: Matcha Green, Misty White, and Deep Bronze, each with unique textures. This model includes 13 design frames and 6 filters, with the app providing over 60 design frames for creative effects. Additional features include a sound function for voice message recording and a smartphone printer function for printing images from your phone.

Other updates to the mini LiPlay include a USB Type-C port for more convenient charging and simplified firmware updates via the dedicated app, eliminating the need for downloads and micro-SD cards. The INSTAX mini LiPlay is priced at £149.99.

The INSTAX WIDE 400 aims to cater to both group shots and individual creativity with its diverse functionality. The self-timer feature is particularly useful for group photos, ensuring everyone can be in the frame without needing a separate photographer. Automatic exposure and flash control simplify the process, making it accessible for users of all levels. The inclusion of Landscape and Macro modes expands the camera’s versatility, allowing for detailed close-ups and expansive landscape shots.

The camera angle adjustment accessory is a notable addition, providing the flexibility to achieve the perfect shooting angle without the bulk of a tripod. This feature enhances the practicality of self-timer shots, making it easier to capture well-composed images.

The INSTAX mini LiPlay’s update reflects a blend of functionality and style. The new colours and textures offer aesthetic variety, appealing to fashion-conscious users. The integration of design frames and filters both in-camera and via the app supports creative expression, while the sound function and smartphone printer feature add unique dimensions to the instant photography experience.

The USB Type-C port modernises the mini LiPlay, aligning it with current tech standards for easier charging. Simplified firmware updates through the app streamline the process, ensuring the camera remains up-to-date with minimal hassle.

Overall, Fujifilm’s latest releases, the INSTAX WIDE 400 and the upgraded INSTAX mini LiPlay, highlight the company’s commitment to enhancing user experience through innovative features and design updates. Both models are set to attract a wide range of photography enthusiasts looking for reliable and versatile instant cameras.

URL: Fujifilm INSTAX WIDE 400

Price: INSTAX WIDE 400 – £129.99, INSTAX mini LiPlay – £149.99

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