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HOW TO... fly the DJI Spark using its remote controller

How to fly the DJI Spark using its flight controller

There are a number of ways one can fly the DJI Spark. The beginner-level drone can most famously be controlled via hand movements using its Gesture Mode. Likewise, you can fly it using the DJI Go 4 app on your smartphone. But to unlock the Spark’s full flight potential you can use its flight controller handset for a full range of activity.

In the video tutorial below we show you how to fly the DJI Spark using its flight controller accessory. Or you can skip to the step by step instructions underneath.

The DJI Spark controller’s knobs and buttons are very intuitive and after a few minutes’ use the drone’s operation will become second nature.

How to start the DJI Spark’s propellers

To begin, you will want to start the Spark’s propellers. After you’ve turned the drone on, the Spark will locate its satellites. You’ll see this happening as the LED lamps under the propellers flash red. One they turn green you are ready to start the propellers.

To start the Spark’s propellers simply grip both the left and right knobs on the Spark controller handset and push them downward at an inward diagonal angle.

Make sure you move both knobs down simultaneously. You should then see the Spark’s propellers spring to life.

How to lift the DJI Spark off the ground

Once the propellers have started you can lift the Spark off the ground simply by pressing the left-hand knob on the handset upward.

Do this slowly in a gradual motion. The controls are a little sensitive, and pressing up quickly in one motion might raise the Spark higher than you want it to go. If you’re standing under a canopy of trees, for instance, you might inadvertently hit a branch.

How to raise or lower the Spark’s altitude

You can raise the Spark’s altitude in the same way that you lift it off the ground and get it airborne. Simply press the left knob upward.

Likewise, you can lower the Spark’s altitude by pulling the left knob downward. Again, it’s best to do these in gradual motions rather than all it once in order to maintain total control over the drone.

How to land the DJI Spark

To land the DJI Spark you simply pull the left knob downward as you would when lowering its altitude during flight. Keep holding it down.

Once the Spark gets about a meter above the ground it will pause for a moment. Again, keep holding the left knob down. The Spark’s landing mode will now activate and the drone will then begin its descent independently of the handset.

Once it has landed, the Spark will beep to indicate it is down. You can now turn off the Spark by pressing the battery button once, and then a second time, holding it down for a few seconds until its lamps extinguish.

How to change the Spark’s direction

Again using the left knob on the flight controller, simply press left or right to change the DJI Spark’s flight direction.

If you hold the knob in the fully left or right position, the Spark will rotate in 360 degrees until you release it.

How to move the DJI Spark forward and backward

You can move the DJI Spark forward by pressing the right knob up. The Spark can move with some surprising speed if you’re new to flying drones, so like with the altitude, it’s best to use a slow, gradual motion rather than press it up in one, full motion.

To move the Spark backward, simply reverse your motion. Press the right knob down and the Spark will reverse.

You can also move the Spark sideways by pressing the right knob left and right.

How to operate the DJI Spark with the flight control handset

In summary, the Spark’s movements via the handset are controlled solely by the left and right knobs.

  1. Press the left knob up to lift the Spark off the ground and to raise its altitude.
  2. Press the left knob down to lower the Spark’s altitude and make it land
  3. Press the left knob right or left to change the Spark’s direction
  4. Press the right knob up to move the Spark forward
  5. Press the right knob down to move the Spark backward
  6. Press the right knob left or right to move the Spark sideways



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