News |Edelkrone Tripod X set to be the first available automatic tripods

Edelkrone Tripod X set to be the first available automatic tripod

Revolutionizing Camera Setup with Full Motorization

Edelkrone Tripod X

Edelkrone has just unveiled the Tripod X, a groundbreaking addition to their lineup, marking it as the world’s first fully motorized tripod. You may remember that last year, Benro announced the Theta and Theta Max tripods, although we have yet to see these released to the public. However, the Edelkrone Tripod X is available now. This innovative motorized tripod aims to transform the videography experience by introducing automated height and level adjustments, significantly reducing the time and effort required for camera setup.

The Tripod X, weighing 9 kg (19.84 pounds), boasts a foldable height of 71 cm (27.95 inches), making it both portable and convenient for various filming environments. Notably, the device is powered by a 12V 3.0Ah power tool battery, which, on a single charge, allows for an impressive average of 300 adjustments. This feature ensures long-lasting reliability, essential for busy shooting schedules.

One of the Tripod X’s most remarkable features is its self-leveling capability. With the push of a button, the tripod can adjust to uneven surfaces, maintaining a perfectly level setup. This function, powered by smart sensors, eliminates the need for manual intervention, ensuring that your camera remains stable and correctly positioned.

Moreover, the tripod’s high-torque motors enable it to lift payloads up to 20 kg (44 pounds), covering a wide range of camera setups, including Edelkrone’s motion control systems. The height adjustment ranges from a minimum of 34 cm to a maximum of 148 cm, providing flexibility for various shooting requirements.

Additionally, the tripod’s operational sound, approximately 60 decibels at a meter’s distance, can be reduced by lowering the speed of the adjustments, making it suitable for various filming conditions.

The Tripod X integrates seamlessly with the Edelkrone app, available for both iOS and Android devices, offering enhanced control over the tripod’s features.

Despite its advanced features, the Tripod X is primarily recommended for indoor use or mild climate outdoor environments. It is advised to avoid using it in sandy areas, such as beaches or deserts, and it is not suitable for wet conditions due to its lack of water resistance. So while a leap forward in design and use from tradition tripods, not yet as robust as the manual leg release versions.

Currently available for $2,599, the Tripod X is an investment for videographers seeking to elevate their production quality with state-of-the-art technology. For more information, you can visit Edelkrone’s official website: Edelkrone Tripod X

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