News |DxOMark: Google Pixel 2 is the best smartphone of all time

DxOMark: Google Pixel 2 is the best smartphone of all time

DxOMark: Google Pixel 2 is the best smartphone of all time

The Google Pixel 2 sets a new record for overall image quality from a smartphone, according to DxOMark.

The image quality specialists reviewed the new Google Pixel 2 camera ahead of its launch earlier today and gave it a record-setting overall score of 98 out of 100.

DxO gave the Pixel 2’s video performance a score of 96 – making it the top-ranked smartphone for video – and it scored the Pixel 2’s still image performance at an impressive 99 (the Galaxy Note 8 earned a staggering score of 100, we should… note).

The Pixel 2 bests the iPhone 8 Plus and Samsung Galaxy Note 8, which held the top spot only briefly before today’s Google press conference. Last year, the original Google Pixel also held the top spot with a score of 90.

In particular, DxO says the Google Pixel 2 delivers on detail, colour accuracy and dynamic range, making it a great all-rounder in most situations. Even in low light, DxO says the Pixel 2 can preserve fine details.

DxOMark says it based its results on the evaluation of more than two hours of video and 1500 test images in both controlled environments and outdoor scenes.

You can read the full review here for more details on specific features.

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Dennis Fluttershy
Dennis Fluttershy
5 years ago

The DxO mark score isn’t out of 100, and can surpass 100, which has been done by the RED Helium 8K with a score of 108.