DJI releases new firmware for Ronin-S

Ronin-S Review

DJI has released a new firmware update for its Ronin-S gimbal, which adds a number of performance enhancements to the stabiliser.

DJI Support has announced the release of Ronin-S firmware version Users can update the gimbal’s firmware via the app or desktop.

New features in DJI Ronin-S firmware

  • Added an alarm tone when the gimbal motor is blocked. The gimbal will pause its motors if the blocking issue persists for over 30 seconds.
  • Added automatic motor pause in the rare case the gimbal loses orientation data.
  • Added continuous auto focus triggering when the Camera Control Button is held down halfway.
  • Improved delay algorithm between pressing the Camera Control Button halfway and in full to avoid a focus coupling issue.
  • Improved preset profiles for SmoothTrack, providing smoother footage.
  • Fixed an issue where Roll Axis does not hold its attitude when the gimbal’s Pan Axis is manually pushed 180° backward.
  • Fixed an issue where the gimbal vibrates when rotating clockwise to switch from Upright mode to Underslung mode.
  • Fixed the Balance Test algorithm for Pan Axis. Please tilt the gimbal sideways when Balance Test is performed for a more accurate result.
  • Fixed a rare issue where the gimbal system fails if the M button is pressed six times in quick succession.

How to update the DJI Ronin-S firmware

To update the DJI Ronin-S firmware, ensure the Ronin-S is turned off and connected to your computer via its USB-C port. Start the update through the DJI Pro Assistant for Ronin.

In DJI Pro Assistant, click on the Ronin-S and then click on the Firmware page. A list of available firmware should refresh. Click the latest version.

Once the update is finished you can unplug the Ronin-S and turn it on. It’s worth noting that the firmware update may reset your profile settings.

DJI adds: If the Ronin-S is turned on when updating firmware and a camera is attached, make sure to protect the camera and lens from collision as the motors will shut off during the update process.