News |DJI L2 drone revolutionises Everton stadium developments

DJI L2 drone revolutionises Everton stadium development

Enhanced LiDAR Technology Boosts Construction Efficiency


Construction technology may seem a world away from traditional photography; however, with the latest DJI Zenmuse L2 drone, equipped with cutting-edge LiDAR and photogrammetry capabilities, the two worlds have come together. The LiDAR-equipped drone is playing a pivotal role in the development of Everton Football Club’s new stadium.

Through the £550 million stadium project the drone’s LiDAR system has been instrumental in providing detailed, true-colour reconstructions of the site. The DJI L2 offers a marked improvement over its predecessor, the L1, in terms of accuracy, achieving an absolute error of only 37mm from a 100m flight altitude, compared to the L1’s 54mm.

The video below shows the impressive results and the guys from Heliguy give a little more information into this fascinating process.

In this construction project, the drone has been used as a surveying solution and is capable of producing precise data collection that is crucial for monitoring the infilling of the dock and calculating earthworks, contributing significantly to the project’s success.

The L2’s notable upgrades include a higher return rate, better object detection, and the ability to fly further and higher without requiring a warm-up period for the IMU. These features result in denser point clouds and more realistic datasets, which are essential for accurate project monitoring and planning.

In addition to LiDAR data, the project utilizes the DJI M300 Series and 45MP P1 camera, along with the DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise, for photogrammetry and visual imagery. This comprehensive approach aids in regular site monitoring and logistics coordination and complements the stadium’s 4D model, enhancing construction sequence visualization and risk assessment.

For more information check out the Heliguy blog post and

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