News |DJI Inspire 3 Gets Enhanced with New Firmware Update and Accessoriess

DJI Inspire 3 Gets Enhanced with New Firmware Update and Accessories

DJI Inspire 3's Latest Update: Elevating Cinematography with Advanced Firmware and Cutting-Edge Accessories

DJI Inspire 3 firmware

DJI has announced a significant firmware update and a range of new accessories for their advanced drone platform, the DJI Inspire 3. This move is set to expand the limits of cinematography, offering users enhanced functionality and an improved shooting experience.

New Firmware Update for DJI Inspire 3

Available now for download, the latest firmware upgrade for the DJI Inspire 3 introduces a host of new features and improvements:

  • Enhanced Stability and Bug Fixes: The update addresses minor bugs and enhances the aircraft’s flight stability.
  • New Functional Additions: Users will benefit from new features like Vision Assist, Preflight Check, Cruise Control, Timed Shot, Edit Flight, and more.
  • Improved Safety and Notification Features: The firmware adds support for propulsion system status display in Sport or Attitude mode, detects propeller guard installation status upon takeoff, and includes a vibration notification for the remote controller after takeoff.
  • Advanced Flight Data and Camera Control: There’s added support for displaying altitude and horizontal obstacle information in all flight modes, recording Camera Index and Reel Count to metadata, and controlling recording and auto-focus using the DJI Three-Channel Follow Focus.

This comprehensive firmware update is designed to enhance the Inspire 3’s performance, making it more reliable and user-friendly for professional cinematographers.

Exciting New Accessories for DJI Inspire 3

To further boost the efficiency and experience of using the DJI Inspire 3, several new accessories have been introduced:

  • Inspire 3 Gimbal Rubber Damper (from 39 EUR/35 GBP): Connects the X9-8K Air gimbal camera with the drone, reducing gimbal vibrations during flight.
  • RC Plus Monitor Hood (from 39 EUR/35 GBP): Ensures clearer live feeds in bright lighting conditions by blocking light.
  • Inspire 3 Propeller Guard (from 329 EUR/299 GBP): Enhances flight safety by protecting against spinning propellers.

These accessories are set to be available for purchase online from November 30, 2023. They promise to elevate the Inspire 3’s capabilities, providing users with a more refined and secure flying experience.

With these updates and additions, DJI continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible in drone cinematography. The Inspire 3, already known for its high-end capabilities, is now even more versatile and user-friendly, making it an ideal choice for professional filmmakers and photographers looking to capture stunning aerial footage.

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