News |DJI debuts Local Data Mode that takes drones offline

DJI debuts Local Data Mode that takes drones offline

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DJI has officially released its Local Data Mode, which stops internet traffic to and from its flight control apps, the company has announced.

DJI first announced the new privacy control in late August shortly after the US military said it would stop using DJI drones due to their vulnerability to hacking.

The new Local Data Mode addresses those concerns by blocking all internet data. DJI’s Pilot app will not be able to detect the location of the user when the mode is activated, nor show the map and geofencing information such as No Fly Zones and temporary flight restrictions.

What’s more, it will not notify drone operators of firmware updates. Telemetry data on flight logs such as altitude, distance or speed will remain stored on the aircraft even if the user deactivates Local Data Mode.

However, images and videos captured via DJI’s drones in Local Data Mode will still be stored on the drone’s SD card and are only shared if the user chooses to upload them online to the SkyPixel community, social media or other websites.

DJI’s Local Data Mode will be available in the next update on the DJI Pilot app on CrystalSky and select Android tablets.

The Local Data Mode feature may not be available in locations where an internet connection is required or highly advisable due to local regulations.

Visit DJI’s website to download the DJI Pilot app.

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