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DaVinci Resolve 19 Elevates Video Editing with Advanced AI and Collaboration Features

Expansive upgrade introduces AI tools and enhanced cloud collaboration.

DaVinci Resolve 19

DaVinci Resolve 19 is the latest iteration of Blackmagic Design’s renowned video editing software, which introduces a suite of powerful new features aimed at enhancing the efficiency and creativity of video professionals. This major update leverages the DaVinci Neural Engine to introduce advanced AI tools. It offers over 100 feature upgrades that significantly improve workflow across editing, colour correction, audio post-production, and visual effects.

DaVinci Resolve 19 harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to streamline video editing and audio post-production. New transcription features allow editors to work directly with transcribed audio to locate speakers and edit clips more precisely on the timeline. AI-driven voice isolation and dialogue level adjustments help clean up audio, ensuring clear dialogue takes centre stage.

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Colourists can utilize the new ColorSlice six vector palette and a film look creator tool that emulates photometric film processes, offering richer, film-like tones and cinematic quality to images. Additionally, VFX artists in Fusion will benefit from an expanded set of Universal Scene Description (USD) tools and a new multiply rotoscoping tool, which simplifies complex rotoscoping tasks.

DaVinci Resolve 19 supports Blackmagic Cloud, allowing users to host project libraries on a cloud server. This feature enables real-time collaboration with editors, colourists, VFX artists, and audio engineers from anywhere in the world. The updated Organizations app facilitates the management of team access to projects and storage, enhancing group workflows.

The update introduces several tools aimed at optimizing the editing process. The cut page now features broadcast replay tools for live multicamera broadcast editing, enhancing live production capabilities. Additionally, the simplified proxy workflow allows for seamless switching between camera originals and proxies, accelerating the editing process.

The new Blackmagic Proxy Generator automatically creates proxies from camera originals, speeding up editing by allowing users to work with lighter, more manageable files. This automation is complemented by intelligent media management features that simplify media relinking in collaborative environments.

DaVinci Resolve 19 continues to push the boundaries with support for emerging technology and formats. The software now offers enhanced HDR grading capabilities and supports the latest Dolby Vision. Additionally, the introduction of OpenTimelineIO compatibility enhances interoperability with other NLE systems.

Pricing and Availability:

DaVinci Resolve 19 can be downloaded for free, while the more feature-rich DaVinci Resolve Studio version costs $295.

DaVinci Resolve 19 marks a significant leap forward in non-linear editing by integrating these state-of-the-art technologies and tools. This release not only improves individuals.

For more information, check out the official product page for DaVinci Resolve 19

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