News |Creativity Hub Events and Kenro Partner to Illuminate the UK Photography Scene with Smart Lites

Creativity Hub Events and Kenro Partner to Illuminate the UK Photography Scene with Smart Lite

Dynamic Partnership Between Creativity Hub Events and Kenro Introduces Smart Lite: A New Era in Photographic Lighting.

Kenro Smart Lite

Creativity Hub Events and Kenro have announced an exciting partnership, with the launch of Smart Lite, a new range of innovative lighting solutions. This collaboration promises to infuse the market with creativity and state-of-the-art technology, brightening the photographic journey of enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Creativity Hub Events are focusing their creative talents on producing captivating fashion content and imagery for Smart Lite. This will include native platform content, commercial campaigns, and vibrant point-of-sale displays in photography retailers throughout the UK, adding a splash of colour to every camera gear shopping experience.

Naomi Lane, Commercial Director at Creativity Hub Events, expressed excitement about the partnership. “Joining forces with Kenro to introduce Smart Lite in the UK is a delightful venture. Smart Lite is a game-changer in photography and videography lighting, offering endless creative possibilities,” she said.

Paul Kench, Managing Director at Kenro, also shared his enthusiasm. “Kenro is committed to enhancing photographers’ experiences with exceptional products. Smart Lite represents the peak of this commitment. Our partnership with Creativity Hub Events will demonstrate how Smart Lite can transform photography, bringing new light to creative work,” he stated.

This collaboration between Creativity Hub Events and Kenro symbolizes their joint mission to drive innovation in the photography industry. By marrying Creativity Hub Events’ artistic flair with Kenro’s technological know-how, the launch of Smart Lite is poised to spark a new wave of creative possibilities for UK photographers.

Photographers and enthusiasts are encouraged to stay tuned for updates and behind-the-scenes looks at Smart Lite. Additionally, the upcoming “Electric Avenue” styled photography event by Creativity Hub Events in December is set to be an electrifying experience not to be missed.
For more details about Creativity Hub Events, Kenro, and the Smart Lite range, visit their websites.

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Kenro Smart Lites: Kenro LED Smart Lites

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