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Canva Acquires Affinity

Canva's acquisition of Affinity merges creative software powerhouses

Canva Acquires Affinity

Canva, has officially acquired Affinity, known for its professional design software suite. This strategic move, announced on March 26, 2024, marks a significant step in Canva’s mission to empower everyone to design, expanding its reach to over 175 million users globally. Affinity, with a strong following of three million creative professionals, offers advanced tools for photo editing, graphic design, and vector illustration.

The acquisition aligns with the increasing demand for efficient and compelling visual communication in various sectors, including marketing and internal communications. Canva, traditionally catering to users who are not design-trained, now seeks to embrace the professional design community, enhancing its offerings to include Affinity’s specialized software tools.

Affinity’s suite, which includes Affinity Designer, Affinity Photo, and Affinity Publisher, is celebrated for its powerful, user-friendly, and cost-effective solutions. These tools provide a comprehensive range of functionalities, from digital illustration and photo editing to professional page layout and publication design, across multiple platforms, including Windows, Mac, and iPad.

Canva’s acquisition of Affinity broadens its product range and strengthens its commitment to making professional design accessible to a wider audience. The collaboration is set to spark a revolution in the design world, and Canva plans to integrate Affinity’s technology to further enhance its platform.

The future of this partnership promises exciting developments in the design industry, with Canva and Affinity working together to empower every kind of designer, from amateurs to seasoned professionals. This merger signifies a pivotal moment in visual communication, offering advanced tools and innovative solutions to meet the evolving needs of creators worldwide.

For more information on the acquisition check out the Affinity website

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