News |Canon unveils SPEEDLITE EL-5 flashgun

Canon unveils SPEEDLITE EL-5 flashgun

Canon Speedlite EL-5

Canon has announced the SPEEDLITE EL-5, price tag £499.99 / €569.99, a new flashgun aimed at professionals with a fast recycle time and integrated modelling light.

Aimed at professional portrait, wedding and event photographers, the Canon SPEEDLITE EL-5 boasts a Guide Number of 60 (when the camera is set to ISO 100 and zoomed to 200mm) with a recycle time of just 0.1-1.2 seconds.

The SPEEDLITE EL-5 can provide a continuous flash count of up to 85 flashes at full power and up to 350 flashes in a single charge at full power via its rechargeable Li-on Battery Pack LP-EL. For more subtle lighting, its manual power setting enables users to set the flash to as low as 1/1024th power.

What’s more, Canon has incorporated a new passive cooling system that helps heat dissipate more quickly and efficiently.

The SPEEDLITE EL-5 is also Canon’s first Speedlite to feature a Multi-Function foot, while gold-plated contacts help ensure a reliable connection with the camera.

Other features include a wireless radio control for up to 15 additional Canon Speedlites and a Camera Link tool that allows you to trigger cameras connected to these other Speedlites.

Dual White LED lights serve as a modelling light or an AF assist lamp when shooting in low light. Photographers can also register three custom flash settings in C.Flash mode to speed up their workflow.

The Canon SPEEDLITE EL-5 price tag will be £499.99 / €569.99, with a release date set for February 2023.


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