News |Canon updates Software Development Kit to be Linux compatibles

Canon updates Software Development Kit to be Linux compatible

Canon Software development Kit Linux

Canon Europe has announced an update to its EOS Digital Software Development Kit (EDSDK), now offering Linux compatibility. The update is designed to enhance the toolkit available for software developers and computer programmers who create custom digital solutions for Canon cameras.

The EDSDK enables functionalities such as remote shooting, image transfer, camera setting adjustments, and live view monitoring, without any cost to the user.

The introduction of Linux compatibility, particularly for ARM processors, broadens the application possibilities for Canon cameras across various industries. This includes sectors that use photobooths, traffic enforcement cameras or engage in 3D photogrammetry projects.

With the emergence of compact and affordable computing devices like the Raspberry Pi and Nvidia Jetson Nano, the potential for remote camera control in space-constrained environments has increased in recent years. These devices can be used in tandem with Canon EOS cameras and microcontroller boards to enhance flexibility and connectivity for camera integration.

Canon’s SDK update enables more efficient control of multiple cameras for projects that require capturing images from various angles, such as 3D photogrammetry scanners. By employing single board computers, users can achieve localised remote control of cameras, with a central host computer managing communications via Ethernet, which is ideal for managing multiple cameras simultaneously.

Additionally, devices equipped with an embedded GPU can leverage the high-resolution images captured by Canon EOS cameras for advanced image processing tasks, including deep learning and image recognition.

Developers interested in accessing the Canon SDK can register through the Canon Developer Programme. Canon also provides technical support in the EMEA region through a support request form and offers a forum for developers to exchange ideas and address questions.

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