News |Canon RF 35mm F1.4L VCM Hybrid Prime Lens Unveileds

Canon RF 35mm F1.4L VCM Hybrid Prime Lens Unveiled

Versatile hybrid lens combines stills and video capabilities

Canon RF 35mm F1.4L VCM

Canon Europe has introduced the RF 35mm F1.4L VCM, the first hybrid prime lens designed for the dual purpose of both stills photography and videography. This new lens is part of Canon’s expanding RF lineup and aims to offer creatives the full range of optics that has been a core part of the success of the company’s previous EF range.

The RF 35mm F1.4L VCM features a dedicated iris control ring for video, making it the only RF prime lens with this functionality in the Canon range. Its 11-blade aperture ensures smooth out-of-focus areas, enhancing subject separation from the background or foreground. This feature will be of particular interest to videographers who need to avoid visual distractions when shifting focus between subjects. The 35mm focal length provides a balanced perspective, ideal for capturing group events or street documentaries, while the f/1.4 aperture allows for exceptional low-light performance and depth of field control.

The lens is designed with photojournalists and content creators in mind. Thanks to the combination of Nano USM and Voice Coil Motor (VCM) technology, it offers quick and precise focusing. This ensures rapid response for fast-paced stills or smooth video capture, making it perfect for dynamic subjects such as children, pets, or action scenes. The Lens Control Ring and customisable Lens Function Button enable the fast adjustment of settings without losing focus on the action.

Aimed as it is at professionals, the lens has been built to withstand challenging environments; the RF 35mm F1.4L VCM features L-series housing with a fluorine coating to repel dirt and sand. It is also lighter than its EF predecessor, making it comfortable for extended shooting sessions. Advanced optical elements, including aspheric and UD lens elements with Super Spectra and ASC coatings, ensure crystal-clear images free from flare and ghosting, even in bright conditions.

Canon’s RF 35mm F1.4L VCM sets a new standard for hybrid lenses, offering unmatched versatility and performance for both still and video applications.

For more information about the RF 35mm F1.4L VCM, please visit: Canon RF 35mm F1.4L VCM.

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