News |Canon: 8K video camera planned for EOS R seriess

Canon: 8K video camera planned for EOS R series

Canon EOS R Review

Canon has plans for an 8K-capable video camera within its EOS R series roadmap, according to a senior representative of the company.

In an exclusive interview with Imaging Resource, Canon’s chief product developer Yoshiyuji Mizoguchi said:

The sales performance of EOS R camera and RF lenses is almost in line with our original expectation.

We developed the EOS R System for the next 30 years, and started by introducing higher-end RF lenses. Yes, we are very serious about mirrorless. But please do not get the wrong impression, we will continue to enhance DSLR technology and products as well.

The typical development cycle for a camera is on the order of 18 months or thereabouts.

Video will play a huge role in the EOS R System for sure. For example, an 8K video capable camera is already in our EOS R-series roadmap.

Click here to read the full interview.

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