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Sony’s full-frame mirrorless system cameras have caused a major shift in the camera market, can the company maintain the momentum?

Sony Alpha a9R

Sony has gained lots of ground on Canon and Nikon with its Alpha 7 series of full-frame mirrorless system cameras. However, the introduction of the pro-level Sony A9 really showed how serious the company is about mirrorless cameras.

The Sony Alpha 7R II, AKA the Sony A7R II, has been one of the most popular and talked about cameras of recent times. This is thanks largely to its small size and very capable 42Mp full-frame sensor. Now the A7R III has come along offering the same pixel count but with much improved focusing and better handling.

I think there’s scope for Sony to introduce an A9R, a high-resolution version of the A9. It would appeal to landscape or studio photographers who need to capture lots of detail and want the more robust build of the A9.

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Sony A7S III

Sony’s video-centric A7-series camera is due for an update. One key aspect that needs to be addressed is the colour depth to bring it in line with the Panasonic GH5 which is 10-bit enabled.

This is likely to be accompanied by faster image processing, possibly helped by memory on the imaging chip itself.

Faster processing will also help to reduce rolling shutter (aka jello) effect that distorts moving objects.

Of the second generation Sony A7-series, the A7S II has the worst autofocusing system – it’s slow and ineffective in low light. I expect the A7S III’s focusing will be much improved. It would be nice if it were possible to adjust its speed to suit the subject and shooting conditions.

I also think touch-control and a mini-joystick control are highly probable.

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Sony Alpha A5200 or A7000

Sony seems to be focusing its efforts on high-end and enthusiast-level cameras at the moment but we think a replacement for the Sony Alpha a5100 could be just around the corner. The a5000-line is now Sony’s entry-level series of mirrorless system cameras so the company will aim to keep the price down for any new models.

This makes it likely to continue without a built-in viewfinder. The pixel count is also likely to stay at 24million, but the sensitivity range could be pushed higher to match the Sony A6300 and A6500 (ISO 100-25,600 expandable to 51,200) and improve low-light capability.

Perhaps we will also see an improvement to the autofocus system, but with 204-points the A5100’s AF system isn’t exactly lacking in this area.

And, as suggested below, perhaps we’ll see a change in the camera’s name. Could it be the A7000?

Sony A70, A700 and A7000

Now that Nikon’s full-frame mirrorless cameras have been announced you can bet your last penny that there’s a strategy ready to help maintain Sony’s impressive growth. Having an up to the minute line of APS-C format cameras will be a part of that plan.

The Sony A6300 and A6500 are excellent cameras, but they look very different from the A7-line which has really forged Sony’s success. I think there’s a strong possibility that Sony will want to underline the links between the cameras. As well as changing the names of its APS-C format cameras to tie-in more closely to their full-frame siblings, we could see a change in design.

So far Sony has opted for a rectangular appearance for its APS-C format mirrorless cameras. I think we’ll see a switch to an SLR-like shape with the electronic viewfinder in the middle of the top-plate.

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