Pentax K1 Review

Ricoh Pentax Rumors

Pentax has been very quiet recently, does this mean that there’s about to be a rash of announcements or is it winding down?

Pentax launched the KP in January 2017 and since then it’s been very quiet. Aside from the news that the Pentax K3-II has been discontinued, the only other announcement has been the Pentax K1 Mark II. But even then, the new camera is so similar to the original model that we had trouble identifying the differences and if you have a K-1 it can be sent to Ricoh to be upgraded.

Sadly, the main rumour circulating about Pentax is that the brand is struggling and that Ricoh may kill it off.

It would be a shame to see a once popular brand like Pentax to die, but cameras like the Q-series and the K-01 were ill-conceived and unpopular, suggesting the brand is out of touch.

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