GoPro Hero 6 Black on mount

GoPro Rumors

Will 2019 see GoPro finally steer a way to sustained profitability, or will it find itself under new ownership?

Just when you think GoPro might be out of trouble it has a habit of getting back into it again. Past problems seemed to be forgotten when the Hero5 Black and Karma drone were announced but then the drone had issues. Falling out of the sky issues.

A while back GoPro announced it was leaving the drone market and appeared to be announcing it is for sale. And while the GoPro Fusion is great is some respects, it’s not quite the full package yet – those rendering times are still a concern.

The GoPro Hero7 Black is an excellent action camera, we’re big fans. But what will come next?

Have we seen the last of the Hero Session models?

Third Party Licencing

A while back GoPro announced it will be licencing its technology to third parties. According to GoPro, this is an extension of an existing agreement. But given the issues that the company has had, perhaps it will be more significant. Will we see GoPro technology appearing in other manufacturer’s drones for instance? And could Ali’s dream of a live-stream-enabled GoPro become a reality under a different brand name?

GoPro Hero8 Black

GoPro likes to introduce new Hero Black cameras in September, so September 2019 seems a safe bet for the Hero8 Black announcement. Some people seem to think this will feature 8K video, but we reckon that’s very unlikely. GoPro cameras are supposed to be about ease of use, and processing 8K footage will cause many computers to melt. We think that 4K video will remain the focus but the frame rate may get a hike, perhaps hitting 120fps. 

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