Fujifilm camera rumours 2019

Fujifilm’s X-series has been very successful, and the GFX is a popular medium format introduction, what could 2019 hold for the company?

Fujifilm GFX 100S

Fujifilm has announced that a medium format 100Mp camera is on the way. This jump in resolution will boost the detail recording capability making it very attractive to commercial photographers, especially those shooting architecture and still life.

Naturally, the higher resolution sensor will require a significant boost in processing power, perhaps using dual engines or an entirely new processor.

Fujifilm X-T30

If Fujifilm follows it’s usual pattern, the arrival of the X-T3 should herald an update to the X-T20. The Fujifilm X-T30 should have the same 26.1Mp X-Trans CMOS sensor and X Processor 4 as the X-T3, but with a slightly more streamlined specification to keep the price down. It should add up to an attractive little number with a smaller DSLR-like design, snappy focusing and high-quality images.

Fujifilm X100H

To be honest, I haven’t a clue what letter Fujifilm will use to denote the successor to its X100F, but X100H seems a reasonable bet. I love the Fujifilm X100 line of APS-C series compact cameras but I think the next camera may bring in a few changes. 

I think the traditional exposure controls will stay and the APS-C format 26.1Mp X-Trans CMOS sensor and X Processor 4 are a safe bet, but I reckon the camera will be made smaller than previous incarnations. This may mean that the viewfinder, which until now has been a hybrid design that combines both an electronic and an optical finder, may just retain the electronic element.

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