HOW TO... boost the performance of your standard lens

You may look at the cost of new lenses and feel trapped within the confines of your standard 18-55mm lens, but the truth is your kit lens is a very versatile piece of equipment.

In this great video tutorial, the Koldunov Brothers demonstrate a series of creative tricks you can use to squeeze more from your kit lens.

Among the techniques they show you are:

  • 0:11 – By creating a panorama, you will simulate an increase in the size of the matrix, and therefore the bokeh is similar to what it could be in the full format or medium format
  • 0:48 – Turning the other side of the lens, you will be able to focus much closer
  • 1:06 – After removing the lens from the camera, you can rotate it, imitating the effect of tilt-lens


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