News |Boost DSLR audio capture with this mic and recorder in ones

Boost DSLR audio capture with this mic and recorder in one


We have to face it, DSLRs just can’t deal well with audio, so if you’re wanting to shoot video you need to look at some other way to capture audio.

Shotgun mics that attach to the hotshoe mount of your camera are a simple and popular option, but whilst they might supply your camera with perfect audio, your cameras ability to save that signal down might still be woefully lacking.

Shotgun mic and audio recorder in one

Pro audio manufacturer TASCAM has released the DR-10SG – a new shotgun microphone that both captures and records audio in one device.

As the mic sits on top of your camera it has been designed lightweight, at just 110g, causing minimal effect over the weight and balance of your camera.

TASCAM_DR-10SGOnce in place a cable can connect direct to your camera to enable syncing, and there’s a USB port so that you can quickly download your audio files after the shoot. Alternatively all audio is recorded onto microSD cards which can be easily swapped and changed as needed.

Audio is captured in WAV 44.1/48 kHz, 16/24 bit quality. The small interface on top of the mic enables a good level of adjustment over the recording quality, levels, EQ presets, auto or manual gain control and there’s even a switchable limiter to prevent clipping.

Simple level monitoring is also tackled by means of three LED’s.

A feature that will appeal to many, especially those shooting at events is the dual record option. This will come in handy for situations where you only have one opportunity to capture the shot. It enables two files to be recorded simultaneously at different levels, so if the volume at your venue rises you’ll can set the levels to capture a safety track and hopefully avoid track destroying distortion.

The technical specs are impressive with a super-cardioid directional pattern that TASCAM claims will ensure clear, direct sound regardless of the recording environment.

The DR-10SG is available in the UK now, priced at £183 inc VAT.

You can check out more details at

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