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BLUETTI AC60 provides a compact on-site power solution for photographers

BLUETTI's AC60 power station provides portable and reliable power for outdoor photography and video shoots


Over the past year, I’ve looked at quite a few of the BLUETTI power stations, and so far, they’ve all impressed with a progressive upgrade in features and power. The new BLUETTI AC60 is a smaller unit more akin to the BLUETTI EB70 that I looked at in June 2022.

Although the capacity of this new power station is smaller, it stands out as a handy accessory for creative professionals due to its all-weather approach to design.

Designed for outdoor enthusiasts and professionals in photography, videography and, of course, other pursuits, the AC60 offers a versatile, powerful, and compact solution to stay connected and powered up during field shoots. Priced at £649 (RRP £699), the AC60 is now available on the BLUETTI website.

Compared with other power stations, the AC60 has a relatively small 403Wh LiFePO4 battery capable of delivering 600W of power. However, this can be expanded to 2,015Wh with the optional B80 batteries. This modular approach to on-site power suddenly changes the relatively small power of the AC60 into something much more useful and versatile, especially for photographers and videographers.

This small BLUETTI AC60 can keep equipment, such as the Canon EOS R5 C and Sony EV-Z1, as well as MacBook laptops, screens, audio kits, and batteries, fully powered throughout a session. The B80 packs boost that power when the AC60’s capacity depletes.

The AC60 offers multiple outlets, including two AC outlets, a 100W USB-C port, a 15W wireless charging pad, and a 12V DC outlet; the AC60 provides versatile charging options for various devices and accessories.

Aside from the expansion abilities, the AC60 has been built to withstand harsh weather conditions; the AC60 boasts an IP65 rating, making it dust and water-resistant. It’s solid construction and waterproof rubber seals on the outlets ensure reliable performance in challenging environments, giving photographers and videographers the confidence to use it outdoors.

Another standout feature that is becoming more common is the AC60’s fast-charging capability. With three charging modes – silent, standard, and turbo – you can choose the appropriate mode based on your needs. Turbocharging at 600W enables a full charge in just 1.2 hours, providing quick and efficient power replenishment, so if you stop off for a spot of lunch and the pub/cafe/restaurant doesn’t mind, you can stop for a quick top-up.

If no AC mains power sockets are available, the AC60 also supports car or lead-acid battery charging, enabling you to charge the power station while on the move. If you want a more sustainable charging option, BLUETTI’s PV120 and PV200 solar panels and other third-party options can provide up to 200W charging capacity.

BLUETTI also provides an app for the AC60, which will enable you to monitor the power station’s status, manage charging and discharging, and adjust settings conveniently from your phone.

Back to use on-site and the compact size, built-in carry handle, and lightweight design (8.6kg) mean that the AC60 is highly portable, making it an ideal companion for outdoor adventures and on-location shoots.

If you’re worried about the cost of the investment into on-site power, then you’ll be pleased to hear that BLUETTI offers a 6-year warranty for the AC60 power station.

The AC60 is available for £649 (RRP £699) on the BLUETTI website. Various bundles, including solar panels and additional batteries, are also available, such as the AC60+B80 (Expansion Battery) for £1,248.00 (RRP £1398).

For more information and to purchase the AC60, visit the BLUETTI website.

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