News |Blackmagic PYXIS 6K Debuts at NAB 2024s

Blackmagic PYXIS 6K Debuts at NAB 2024

Versatile digital film camera with full-frame 6K sensor

Blackmagic PYXIS 6K Debuts at NAB 2024

At this year’s NAB 2024 Show in Las Vegas, Blackmagic Design has just unveiled the Blackmagic PYXIS 6K, an all-new digital film camera distinguished by its modular, box-style design. This design enables extensive customization, making the camera adaptable to various production needs, from handheld setups to complex rig systems for aerial or vehicle-based filming.

The PYXIS 6K is remarkable not only for its physical flexibility but also for its impressive technical specifications. It features a large full-frame sensor measuring 36 x 24 mm, capable of capturing images in 6K resolution with 13 stops of dynamic range, which facilitates excellent performance across diverse lighting conditions. The sensor’s dual native ISO goes up to 25,600, ensuring low noise levels even in low-light environments.

This camera is available in three different models, each accommodating a specific type of lens mount: L-Mount, PL, or Locking EF. This range of options ensures compatibility with a vast array of lenses, including cinematic, photographic, and vintage lens types. The versatility extends to the camera’s recording capabilities, which include various resolutions and frame rates, such as 6K up to 36 fps and HD up to 100 fps when windowing the sensor.

For operational ease, the PYXIS 6K incorporates a 4-inch HDR touchscreen LCD that offers not just camera status and settings control but also serves as a high-resolution monitor for critical focus and framing checks. This feature eliminates the need for external monitors, streamlining the camera setup.

On the connectivity front, Blackmagic PYXIS is equipped with built-in CFexpress card slots for high-speed, reliable recording and a USB-C port for direct recording to external drives. The camera also supports real-time media transfer via Blackmagic Cloud, allowing seamless integration into post-production workflows. This connectivity is further enhanced by the ability to stream directly from the camera using either wired Ethernet or a mobile data connection, facilitating live broadcasts on platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

In terms of audio, the PYXIS 6K provides professional-grade inputs, including mini XLR with phantom power. For those shooting in challenging lighting or needing precise viewfinder detail, the optional Blackmagic URSA Cine EVF offers a high-quality OLED display and robust diopter adjustments.

Blackmagic PYXIS 6K Features

  • 36 x 24mm full frame 6K 6048 x 4032 sensor.
  • Open gate 3:2, full height 6:5 anamorphic and Super 35 for creating cinematic content.
  • Choice of models with L-Mount, PL or locking EF lens mounts.
  • Records full resolution up to 36 fps or 120 fps windowed.
  • Built-in 4″ HDR 1500 nit LCD screen.
  • Records Blackmagic RAW and H.264 proxies.
  • Extremely fast dual CFexpress card recording.
  • Ethernet or mobile data for mobile remote streaming.
  • Optional Blackmagic URSA Cine EVF.
  • Features 12G-SDI for monitoring with status overlay.
  • Professional mini XLR input with 48 volt phantom power.
  • Complete streaming solution for YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and more.
  • High capacity BP-U series batteries.

Blackmagic PYXIS 6K price and availablity

Priced at US$2,995 and set to be available in June, the Blackmagic PYXIS 6K positions itself as a formidable tool for filmmakers seeking a flexible, high-performance cinema camera that melds traditional film qualities with modern digital conveniences. Its robust build, combined with innovative features, ensures it meets the diverse demands of today’s dynamic film production environments.

For more information about the Blackmagic PYXIS 6K check out the website site

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