News |Blackmagic releases ATEM Mini Pro ISOs

Blackmagic releases ATEM Mini Pro ISO


If you haven’t come across the Blackmagic ATEM Mini as yet, then it’s one of the most sought after pieces of kit going.

Through the pandemic, video-streaming has gone into overdrive. As the popularity of the format has increased, there’s been an increasing need for downscaled broadcast equipment for the home and small business user.

The ATEM Mini essentially enables you to connect several cameras and devices that use an HDMI feed into one box and then feed it into a webcam style live stream.

This enables you to create a professional live broadcast that is essentially scaled-down versions of professional broadcast studios.

Blackmagic Design has just announced the latest addition to the line-up the ATEM Mini Pro ISO. This new ATEM enables five stream recording with all video inputs recorded so that the footage can be re-edited after the event.

This enables a clean feed from each of the video inputs, much like an audio multi-track device. All video, audio and graphics can be opened and edited using DaVinci Resolve as a project file, this in itself could be a huge game-changer.

The ATEM Mini Pro ISO is available now for $895 from Blackmagic Design and resellers.

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