The compact form of the travel tripod has elevated this once niche subsect of the tripod world to what is now, without doubt, the most popular. The small size, light weight and simplicity of design mean that they can be taken anywhere.

We’ve taken a look at a selection of the best to help you decide which will offer you the best solution for your DSLR or CSC.

3 Legged Thing Punks Brian

Best travel tripods in 2018

Price: £249
Max Height: 1.87m
Packed size: 410mm
Max Payload: 14kg
Weight: 1.45kg

As one of the most versatile tripods in the pack, the Brian stands at a staggering 1.87m fully extended. That due to the double height centre column that enables this compact tripod to tower over the competition.

It’s packed with other innovative features such as the reversible centre column that enables you to shoot low and a removable leg which transforms into a handy monopod.

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Manfrotto BeFree Advanced GT Carbon Fibre

Best travel tripods in 2018

Price: £399
Max Height: 1.62m
Packed size: 430mm
Max Payload: 10kg
Weight: 1.55kg

The Manfrotto BeFree was the travel tripod that really transformed the market and several generations on we now have the Manfrotto BeFree Advanced GT.

This is essentially the BeFree on steroids and offers one of the most robust and sturdy travel supports on the market.

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Vanguard Veo 2 235CB

Best travel tripods in 2018

Price: £199
Max Height: 1.45m
Packed size: 403mm
Max Payload: 6kg
Weight: 1.2kg

One of the smaller tripods in the selection the Vanguard Veo 2 235CB stands out for its innovative design and ease of use.

Despite being the smallest and lightest in the group the attention to details and solid build quality ensure that this is a worthy travel companion for anyone venturing off into the wilderness.

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Gitzo GK1545T-82TQD Series 1 Traveler Carbon eXact Tripod Kit

Best travel tripods in 2018

Price: £749
Max Height: 163.5m
Packed size: 425mm
Max Payload: 10kg
Weight: 1.45kg

Gitzo is the premium brand that many photographers dream off and the Series 1 Traveler is for many the ideal tripod.

It looks stunning and packs in the features that any solid travel tripod should offer. Being Gitzo, however, it does come with a price tag, but then you only live once.


Benro GoPlus Travel FGP28C Carbon Fibre Tripod

Best travel tripods in 2018

Price: £319
Max Height: 165.5
Packed size: 495mm
Max Payload: 14kg
Weight: 1.62kg

Looking for a good solid all-rounder then you really can’t beat the Benro GoPlus. It’s a little weightier than some others in the group but with that additional weight comes a high payload of 14kg.

This makes it ideal for medium to large DSLR users and will also be an excellent choice for anyone looking to buy the new Canon EOS R or Panasonic S1.


Karoo Standard Travel Tripod Kit-LG

Best travel tripods in 2018

Price: £189
Max Height: 1.653m
Packed size: 475mm
Max Payload: 8kg

The Karoo maybe a lesser know manufacturers but for the price, the tripod is certainly impressive.

With a decent stature that sees it reach a full height of 1.65m and payload of 8kg it will suit most uses and budgets.



Best travel tripods in 2018

Price: £69.95
Max Height: 71cm
Packed size: 550mm
Max Payload: 3kg
Weight: 1.5kg

If you’ve never come across a Benbo then you’re in for a treat. This is the smallest in the family and only has a maximum height of 71cm.

The design is unique with only one other company over the years producing anything as radical in design.

For the size, it’s not light which also means its as sturdy as they come.

A warning a Benbo takes a certain type of person to operate, they’re far from the norm, but once you skill its use there really is nothing like a Benbo.


Best travel tripods in 2018
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