News |This is the best photo on Flickr in 2016s

This is the best photo on Flickr in 2016

This is the best photo on Flickr in 2016
This is the best photo on Flickr in 2016

Giacomo della Sera, ‘Cuando amanece la pasión’

Flickr, the popular photo-sharing website, has named the top 10 images from 2016 from among the billions uploaded to the platform this year.

The top spot goes to Giacomo della Sera for his image ‘Cuando amanece la pasión’, a beautiful sunrise view of the Portuguese Aveira lagoon.

The runner up is Kiwi Tom Hall for his stunning image of the ‘lonely tree of Wanaka’.

In third place is ‘Zig Zag’, by Albert Dros, which shows a tranquil pink sunrise breaking behind a misty road lined with trees.

Flickr says its top 10 photos list was compiled based on an algorithm it uses to measure social and engagement metrics. However, there was some ‘careful curation of the images from Flickr staff.’

Click the links below to see the full top 10 list of the world’s favourite Flickr photos:

  1. Cuando amanece la pasión
  2. Lonely tree of Wanaka
  3. Zig Zag
  4. Marc Andre Trage’s tree in front of moon
  5. Lake Mungo/Mungo National Park
  6. A Wonderful Day
  7. Tropic Thunder II
  8. Braving the Cold
  9. French Senate from the other side
  10. Sound of Silence
Zig Zag’, by Albert Dros

Zig Zag’, by Albert Dros

Flickr also used its algorithm to find the most popular geo-tagged images from the past year. Below is a list of the most popular British images from 2016.

In terms of Britain’s favourite photography, Flickr curated a list of the top 10 geotagged photos, with the number one spot going to a lighthouse in Wales, and South Devon sunsets and London street photography also making an appearance.

  1. Porthcall
  2. Every Forgotten Dream
  3. Brixham Twilight
  4. Choose your camera wisely
  5. Ethereal (explored)
  6. Relishing the light
  7. Alone in the Universe
  8. Kingdom of Heaven
  9. Pathway to the Starship
  10. Excalibur


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