News |Black Friday camera deals 2022

Black Friday camera deals 2022

We check out the best deals around this Black Friday 2021

Black Friday Deals 2021

For millions of Americans, the term ‘Black Friday’ is synonymous with the beginning of the Christmas season. In this guide to the best Black Friday camera deals we’ll first explain the history of what Black Friday means and why it’s here to stay…

What is Black Friday?

‘Black Friday’ refers to the widespread retail sales that happen the Friday after Thanksgiving. Typically the biggest shopping day of the year, Black Friday sales abound with deep discounts, massive rebates, and some of the lowest prices of the season on everything from cars to light bulbs.

While there are many fanciful stories about where the term “Black Friday” comes from, ranging from the gold market crash of 1869 to Philadelphia police being fed up with holiday traffic, the simple answer is this: “Black” signifies the accounting principle of “being in the black”, which means turning a profit, as opposed to being in the red, which indicates a loss. T

The colors refer to the colors of ink used by accountants back when records were kept by hand. Black Friday is usually when stores begin to turn a profit, thus making the move from red to black.

Black Friday may seem like a great opportunity for both retailers and shoppers, but it does come with some, well, unsavoriness. Larger department stores usually open before dawn, drawing huge crowds with some patrons even camping out the night before to secure their place in line.

In recent years, some retailers have even gone so far as to open their doors on Thanksgiving night (Black Thursday?). Not only does this force customers to abandon their cherished holiday time, it also forces retail employees to work at a strenuous pace.

Also, retailers often offer only a limited number of discounted items on Black Friday, which prompts some shoppers to literally fight for their low-priced laptop or flat screen TV.

Every year in the United States the news is plagued by cell phone footage of over-enthusiastic Black Friday shoppers throwing punches and pulling hair just to get their hands on the last of some product.

So, while Black Friday definitely saves shoppers money and initiates a major sales boon for retailers, it does so with a price. With online shopping on a steep rise, it may be easier just to stay home.

The updated details are as follow:

Save big on Filters and other gear at Nisi the Black Friday


NiSi produce a huge range of filters and camera accessories and leads the field when it comes to absolute quality. This Black Friday they have a series of offers through the day and it’s well worth popping along to see whats at sale through the duration of the event.

Click here to take advantage of the latest Black Friday offers at Nisi

Sabrent slash prices with up to $100 Off their 512GB SD Card this Black Friday 2022

Sabrent CFExpress B 512GB Card review

Card and storage manufacturer Sabrent has impressed us this year with a swathe of impressive storage solutions. Their USP is big storage with decent speeds and while these are the features that we want they usually come with a big price tag. This Black Friday there are some great offers on Sabrent SD and CFExpress cards, well worth checking out at

Pergear Black Friday Deals 15% off for All CFE-B cards

Pergear CFE-B Lite 128GB

Pergear has launched a range of offers this year on all CFE-B cards, well worth checking out as you’ll save a fortune on your camera storage. 

US 10% off
64GB: (76.5$, Reg 85$, sustained 80mb/s Write, 300mb/s Read)
128GB: (107$, Reg 119$, sustained 200mb/s Write, 1000mb/s Read)
256GB: (143$, Reg 159$, sustained 360mb/s Write, 1200mb/s Read)
512GB: (208$, Reg 219$, sustained 700mb/s Write, 1200mb/s Read)
1TB: (377$, Reg 419$, sustained 1300mb/s Write, 1600mb/s Read)
2TB: (557$, Reg 619$, sustained 1300mb/s Write, 1600mb/s Read)

UK 10% off
256GB: (161.1£, Reg 179£)
512GB: (206£, Reg 229£)

1TB: (341.1£, Reg 379£)

2TB: (539.1£, Reg 599£)


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