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Benro Filter Range Explained

Benro Filter Range Explained

Benro is known for its tripods and camera supports, but now the company has ambitions to expand into the wider world of camera accessories.

Rather than easing into the relatively accessible market of bags, remotes and flashes, Benro has set its sights considerably higher and designed its own sets of filters.

Of all camera accessories, filters are the most uncompromising when it comes to quality. There’s nowhere to hide, and any imperfection or flaw in the design will highlight in spectacular fashion through the final image.


Here Mark Hoskins of Benro gives us a run-through of the new filters and what they have to offer.

The new filter range consists of several parts. There are two filter holder types: the standard FG100, FH150 and FH170 which follow the usual filter holder design. Anyone  familiar with the Cokin and Lee systems will know exactly how this works.

But if you haven’t come across them before then this style of filter holder utilises a screw-in lens adapter which the holder is then fixed to.

The filters are then simply slotted into the holder, and further filters can be added if needed. For example, an ND grad and ND can be combined to extend exposure times and balance the exposure difference between the sky and land.

Then you have the all-new FH100M2 a sophisticated all-metal filter holder. It packs in design innovation that make it’s handling and use far easier and fluid than what we’re used to with the more traditional design.

This new filter design attaches to the lens in the same way as the more traditional filter holder adapter and then it clips into place. The big difference, aside from the all metal construction, is what happens to the filters once fitted.

Each filter must first be fitted into a thin caddy and then this is slotted into the holder. Once in place the red knob on the holder can be rotated to accurately raise and lower an ND Grad filter, far easier than the traditional push fit and move technique.

The two holder types are designed to hold the filters with a 100mm, 150mm and 170mm option, and there are special holders available for the new breed of wide-angled lenses such as the Nikon 12-24mm, Sony 12-24mm and Canon 11-24mm.

Many of the filters will also be available in either glass or Resin versions.

At launch there’s a comprehensive range of filters available including hard and soft ND grads, Neutral Density and Polarising filters. We have the filters on test at the moment and will bring you the review and more details soon.

Benro Filter Range Explained
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Benro Filter Range Explained
Benro have launched a full range of filters. In this video Mark Hoskins European Brand Manager talks us through the new range and answer a few questions about the different types and who they're aimed at.
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