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Benro announces ‘SupaDupa’ Monopods

Benro SupaDupa Monopods

Monopods are incredibly useful; lightweight, compact, agile and ideally suited to travel, sports and wildlife photography.

Camera accessories manufacturer Benro has announced three new models in their SupaDupa range: SupaDupa MSD36C, MSD46C and the flagship SupaDupa PRO MSDPL46C.

These new monopod models have all been designed as go-to support options for all levels of photographer.

Constructed from robust carbon fibre and featuring Benro’s leg twist-lock system, these new monopods provide photographers with the firm steady base needed to capture exquisite images.

Focusing on the details, Benro has created a unique CNC machined flip-lock to enable the fast adjustment of the top section’s height. This design ensures fast, accurate adjustment over the monopod’s height even when shooting. We look forward to testing this out soon.

The new ranges entry-level model is the MSD36C, an ideal choice as a travel companion, packing down to 42cm. At its full height, the MSD36C monopod extends to an impressive 1.64m and features a spiked metal foot to ensure uneven terrain stability. If the spiked foot seems too much for everyday use, Benro has included a detachable rubber foot.

Covering the mid-range is the Benro MSC46C, built with the same attention to detail this monopod extends to a sky-reaching 1.83cm. Again the MSC46C is a great solution for everyday use and will pack down to 45.5cm, neatly attaching to any camera backpack.

The MSC46C is a step up from the MSD36C with a fully waterproof shell and unique round rotating foot with v-shaped metal bearing inside. This has been developed to enable the camera’s easy rotation when shooting wildlife, sport, or any other fast-moving subject. A spiked foot is also included in the box.

The SupaDupa PRO MSDPL46C is the flagship model and adds a levelling base that enables 20 degrees of tilt movement in all directions. It also offers full 360-degree rotation with a pan scale so you can precisely track moving subjects.

Helping to ensure that everything is level there’s a built-in levelling ball and bubble level to find a flat horizon easy.

As with the MSD36C, the MSDPL46C features a similar waterproof exterior and innovative foot design. This model raises to 1.57m and retracts to a compact 48.2m.

Each monopod features the SupaDupa PRO’s Arca-Swiss compatible quick release plate, an adjustable sliding plate with scale markings to help makes balancing heavy kit easy.

Each Benro SupaDupa monopod comes with an extra-long wrist strap that can be extended for shoulder strap and comes with a carry-case also with shoulder strap.

SupaDupa monopods are available now from Benro approved retailers, priced at:

MSD36C Benro SupaDupa Monopod: £110.00 SRP

MSD46C Benro SupaDupa Monopod with panning leg base: £130.00 SRP

MSDPL46C Benro SupaDupa PRO Monopod with panning leg base and levelling platform: £190.00 SRP

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