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BatchPhoto 4.4 released


One of my pet hates is batch processing images after a shoot, it just seems to take an age to properly organise and edit. That’s where BatchPhoto comes in, and now BatchPhoto 4.4 has been released.

This seemingly simple application packs in powerful image development tools and features that have made this program a popular choice for many large scale businesses.

Whether it’s editing hundreds if not thousands of images in one go, keeping an eye on folders, converting files to the correct format, handling RAW files, Renaming, Uploading, Adding Dates, Cropping, Resizing, watermarking, touching up or adding an effect, BatchPhoto does it all.

What’s new in BatchPhoto 4.4

  • Watermark-Text – Added keywords with fields from the EXIF metadata
  • Watermark-Text – Added GPS keywords for Latitude, Longitude, and Altitude
  • Date – Added date format with comma after day (US standard)
  • Contrast – Adjusted filter range
  • Updated support for new DSLR digital cameras
  • Edit Names – Added option to reset the counter for each folder
  • Removed upload to Facebook and Flickr for security concerns

If you need the professionals choice for batch photo editing then check out BatchPhoto 4.4 at

BatchPhoto retails for

Home edition $34.95
BatchPhoto Pro $49.95
BatchPhoto Enterprise $129.95

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